Stereoscopic Museums

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3D work in Museums/Schools/Libraries

2009 - “Choices”, (3D PSA for public schools)

2004 - 2006 - "The Touchstone Project",

In collaboration with "Denver Center Media", I produced a number of educational "shorts" for schools and museums, including 15 minute 3D biographies, intended for distribution through:   All Colorado middle and high schools--History and Humanities classes, Universities, Distance Learning, Libraries, History Museums, Bookstores and retail outlets...

  • "Opalanga Pugh - Master Story Teller", Describing the African origins of her Art Form
  • "Quigg Newton" - Denver Mayor from 1947-1955; helped Denver grow during the
       post-war boom, turning it into a prosperous, efficient, modern metropolis.
  • "Cleo Parker Robinson - Dancer, Teacher, Performance Artist, Denver, CO
  • "Temple Grandin - Assistant Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State
       University; world renowned designer of humane facilities for livestock
       animals; autistic savant and autism spokesperson.     Ft. Collins, Colorado
  • "Dennis Weaver - Actor, Environmentalist, Ridgeway, CO

2003 - "Ancient Voices"

"Stories of Colorado's Distant Past"—a new exhibit that employs sight, sound and touch—to open January 28, 2004 at the Colorado History MuseumWorking with the "Denver Center Media/Colorado Historical Society's Colorado History Museum", I created content for a 3D, interactive display, depicting the lives of prehistoric Native Americans.


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