Stereoscopic Firsts

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Stereoscopic Imaging
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3D Stereoscopic Industry Firsts

2007 - U2 3D, (Stereoscopic "Depth Balancing Artist")

First movie shot completely in digital live-action S3D,

In the Winter of 2006, I was invited to participate in the post production stereoscopic "depth balancing" of the "U2-3D Vertigo Tour", dual stream, uncompressed 1080P concert movie, which was released in IMAX and digital stereo theaters around the world, in early 2008. This movie was previewed at the 2007 "Cannes Film Festival" to great reviews. It premiered at the "Sundance Film Festival", in January of 2008.

2007 - Boxing, Ricky ("the Hit-man") Hatton and Juan Lazcano at City of Manchester Stadium,

The first live S3D broadcast available to consumers - (Stereographer)

2008 - "Would You Rather?", with Howie Mandel,

First live 3D international satellite transmission from Burbank, CA to IBC, Amsterdam, (Stereographer)

2008 - Jeffrey Katzenberg's live address to IBC,

International satellite transmission, (Stereographer)

2008 - Raiders vs. Chargers,

First live S3D broadcast of an NFL game ,Dec. 4th, 2008, (Stereographer/3D consultant)

2009 - BCS Championship Game,

First live to theaters 3D broadcast of college football, (Stereographer/3D consultant)

2009 - SOBE - "Lizard Lake", (live action elements),

First live to the home 3D SUPER BOWL (XLIII) halftime commercial, (Stereographer/3D consultant)

2009 - "Chuck vs. The Third Dimension",

First episode of a scripted television series shot in digital live-action S3D, (Stereographer/3D POST)

2010 - IPL, Live action World Championship Cricket Matches,

Broadcast live to 800 3D theaters in India, (Stereographer)

2010 - Islanders, (at Madison Square Garden),

First NHL S3D commercial broadcast on television, (Stereographer/3D consultant)

2010 - 07 NASCAR, ("Daytona Coke 400")

First Live 3D braodcast of NASCAR, (Stereographer/3D consultant)

2011 - Black Eyed Peas,

First S3D simulcast to theaters of a live concert, *(Covergence puller/trainer)


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