The Early Days

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The Early Days

I have been actively involved in S3D imaging and production since 1976. I have designed, built and used stereoscopic video capture systems since 1992. (See:


Ray's History:

From 2006 - 2011, I was "Senior Stereographer" at 3ality Digital, of Burbank, CA. I continue to function as a consultant for 3ality Technica.
Beginning with "Stereoscopic Depth Balancing" on "U23D", (2006-2007), I was directly involved with the 3D design of all projects done by 3ality Digital through 2011.

Projects from this period include:

  • "CHUCK"
  • "SOBE Life Water's" Super Bowl halftime commercial"
  • NFL, BCS, NHL, IPL and NASCAR, (football, hockey, cricket and auto racing, broadcast live to 3D theaters and over 3D broadcast channels),
  • "The Caretaker 3D", "Choices", (a school PSA project)
  • "Kenny Chesney Summer 3D"
  • "The Phil Driscoll Concert" in Trier, Germany
  • "The Black Eyed Peas" live to IMAX theater simulcast, from L.A.'s Staples Center.


"The Touchstone Project", 2004 - 2006.

In collaboration with "Denver Center Media", I produced a number of educational "shorts" for schools and museums, including 15 minute 3D biographies, intended for distribution through:   All Colorado middle and high schools--History and Humanities classes, Universities, Distance Learning, Libraries, History Museums, Bookstores and retail outlets...

  • "Opalanga Pugh - Master Story Teller", Describing the African origins of her Art Form
  • "Quigg Newton" - Denver Mayor from 1947-1955; helped Denver grow during the
       post-war boom, turning it into a prosperous, efficient, modern metropolis.
  • "Cleo Parker Robinson - Dancer, Teacher, Performance Artist, Denver, CO
  • "Temple Grandin - Assistant Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State
       University; world renowned designer of humane facilities for livestock
       animals; autistic savant and autism spokesperson.     Ft. Collins, Colorado
  • "Dennis Weaver - Actor, Environmentalist, Ridgeway, CO


"Ancient Voices": Stories of Colorado’s Distant Past—a new exhibit that employs sight, sound and touch—to open January 28, 2004 at the Colorado History Museum

Working with the "Denver Center Media/Colorado Historical Society’s Colorado History Museum", I created content for a 3D, interactive display, depicting the lives of prehistoric Native Americans.


From 1999 - 2000, I acted as "Creative Director" and "3D Videographer" for "Isee3D", in Montreal, Canada.
In addition to consulting, I produced sample and demo footage and programs, including:

  • "Road Atlanta Auto Racing"
  • "Baltimore Orioles/NY Yankees Baseball"
  • "Aspen, Colorado Video Postcard"
  • "Six Flags/Elitch Gardens Roller Coaster Ride"
  • "Formula Atlantic Car Assembly and Racing Trials"
  • "Scenes From the California Coast"
  • "The Lights of Las Vegas", 1999 - 2000


From 1997 - 2000, I independently produced the following titles as "Ray3D - Stereocsopic Imaging".


From July of 1996 to July of 1997, I acted as "Director of 3D Photo and Video Content Development" for VRex, Inc., developing several projects in various media for distribution with the company's "VR Surfer" liquid crystal shutter glasses, stereoscopic projectors and "Cyber-book" computer screens, as well as CD-ROMs, and polarized "CLC" ink products. 

Credits and projects from this time period include:

3D Cameraman/Videographer/Director/Producer/Editor, for:

  • "A 3D Video Sampler", for "Ray3D" and "VRex Productions", Elmsford, NY - 1996
  • "Hot Air Ballooning in the Colorado Rockies", for "Ray3D" and "VRex Productions", Elmsford, NY - 1996
  • "Travels in Guatemala", for "Ray3D" and "VRex Productions", Elmsford, NY - 1997
  • "The Leaves of Autumn"
  • "A Night at the Opera"
  • "Weekend in Vermont"
  • "Snowmobile Holiday"
  • "Thanksgiving on the Maine Coast" for "Ray3D" and "VRex Productions", Elmsford, NY - 1996-97


Independent stereography/3D consulting as "Ray3D - Stereoscopic Imaging"

  • 3D Video Consultant for "Defending Your Life", Multi-media COMDEX and FOSE
    computer show project for Dell Computer Co. - 1995
  • 3D Cameraman/Videographer/Director/Producer/Editor, "A Year On the Road" for "Ray3D" - 1994 - 1995
  • 3D Cameraman/Videographer/Director/Producer/Editor, "Skiing at Aspen Highlands",
    for Aspen Highlands Ski Co. and "Ray3D" - 1994


Also see: "Ray3D info"

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