Stereoscopic Imaging

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Stereoscopic Imaging
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Stereographer / 3D Consultant / S3D Trainer

Ray Hannisian

• Freelance production as: "Ray3D - Stereoscopic Imaging", 1993 - 2017, ongoing...

Stereographer on feature films in Hollywood, Hong Kong, and india, 2011 - present

• Senior Stereographer/Depth Balancing Artist/3D Consultant/S3D Trainer at "3ality Digital", 2008 - 2011

• "Creative Director" and "3D Videographer" for "Isee3D", 1999 - 2000

• "Director of 3D Photo and Video Content" for VRex, Inc., 1996 - 1997

Ray has more than 40 years experience working with 3D images. He is internationally sought after as a "Stereographer", speaker/lecturer and S3D Trainer.

Since 1976, Hannisian has created stereo content, (still and moving, on film and via electronic capture). Ray has designed, built, and utilized his own 3D video systems for use in his independent stereoscopic video productions as "Ray3D - Stereoscopic Imaging".

In addition to teaching and speaking at 3D conventions and trade shows, Ray has been stereographer on feature films in Hollywood, Hong Kong and India.

Titles, where Ray played a role, include.  “U23D”, “The Caretaker”, “Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D”, “Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas”,  “Chain Saw 3D", and “Iceman”.

Ray is currently lead stereographer on Shankar’s “2.0, which will be released in November of 2018.  It is the biggest budget “natively acquired“ 3D movie ever to be shot in Asia.

(See my IMDB page for more details.) 

Ray was 3D consultant for Panasonic on the Katy PerryWide Awake” music video.

While at 3ality Digital, (2006 - 2011), he was involved in all aspects of stereography, from capture to post-production, product and equipment design, and offered a vital perspective in theoretical discussions.

Ray was the "Stereoscopic Depth Balancing" Lead on "U23D", and served as Stereographer for 3ality Digital's most notable projects, including "Chuck vs. the Third Dimension", the "Hatton/Lazcano Boxing" match with Sky Sports, "NFL/Chargers vs. Raiders", the "Phil Driscoll Trier Concert 3D", the "BCS College Football Championship", "Choices", (a PSA for public schools), "The Caretaker", (starring Dick Van Dyke), "Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D", the "2010 IPL Cricket World Championship", ( broadcast live to theaters throughout India, 2010), and "The Black Eyed Peas Concert", (Staples Center, L.A., broadcast live to IMAX theater, as S3D trainer/convergence operator).

Hannisian was also instrumental in developing the techniques for "depth balancing*", which has become a necessity for all good S3D production.  Indeed, 3ality CEO and founder, Steve Schklair has referred to him as "the eyes of 3ality Digital."

Ray maintains a running commentary on the art and science of stereoscopic 3D on his website:

What is the Role of the Stereographer?

(I was recently asked this question at a seminar in Japan.  In my opinion:)

The stereographer is responsible for every detail of the 3D “design” and shooting philosophy of the project.

Ideally, the stereographer should be equal parts:  Artist, Scientist, Educator and Diplomat

The stereographer is there to insure a shared vision among, and to coordinate the efforts of, the director, cinematographer, editor, VFX, set design, lighting, POST and even sound.

The stereographer should be considered part of the “creative” team.

Overall, the stereographer represents the best interests of the audience.

The stereographer should get involved in the process as early as possible, (pre-storyboard planning), to assure that the end results are: “fun, effective, and nobody gets hurt!”

(To quote The Hippocratic Oath:
            “First of All, Do No Harm!”)

Ray Hannisian, July 2012

* "Stereoscopic Depth Balancing:"

Due to recent technological advancements, it is now possible to manipulate the placement of objects in "Z" space AFTER they have been acquired to tape or digital files. We use this technique to place objects, which appear in cuts and dissolves, in meaningful relationships to one another, to "hand off" depths during transitions for viewing comfort and to move things through space to enhance story telling.

We call this process "Depth Balancing."  As it can entirely change the appearance and effect of a movie, we consider it to be a new "Art Form" which can be used to great advantage during post production on any 3D project.


Even though they spelled my name wrong, "The Caretaker 3D", on which I was stereographer, won the "Dimmy Award" for short feature at June 2010's "Dimension3 Expo" in Paris.




In 2010, I was invited to participate on a panel of 3D specialists for the "3D@Home Consortium", to help define the parameters for "good 3D" as it applies to both theatrical releases and for the quickly evolving home entertainment center market.



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"The best eyes in the business!"
Steve Schklair - Founder and CEO of 3ality Digital

"Ray trained an excellent 3dTV production team, both for live action shoots and creative post processing of stereoscopic cinematic content. Depth balancing is a brilliant technique for easing shot transitions between shots of varying depths."
Boris Starosta - illustrator, Stereoscopic Art and 3D Photography

"I saw your (NAB) Master Class yesterday, and it was... well, masterful! Congrats on imparting such important wisdom in the service of quality 3D. I'll always be eager to work with a master of the craft like yourself."
Jon Shapiro - Co-Founder, 3ality Digital; President & Co-Founder, Spectacle3D

"We were the hit of the Content Theater. SRO both days. Ray was - frankly - brilliant. His recounting of the psychology of 3D production (how to train the audience in watching 3D, when to poke them in the eye, when to let them relax) was so extraordinary. You both added unique and valuable information - and flavor - to the event."
Andrew Stucker - panel chair at NAB 3D Master Class/Content Theater Series - Manager at Sony Electronics


"If you are looking for the industry's best stereographer, (and a pleasure to work with!) -- look no further than Ray Hannisian."
John Luessenhop - Director


"Ray understands both visual story telling as well as great 3D. He is always gracious under pressure and I recommend him without reservation."
Anastas Michos - ASC


"What might be your goal for an ideal 3D film colleague?
How about:
-a gentleman always on top of leading edge developments who also designs and creates these?
-always 'On' and thoroughly jazzed about producing the absolute best possible for every project he is involved with?
- a world class expert- if not very top- in *hands-on* stereography, hardware, software and production technique?
- yet as convivial, down-to-earth and effective as any expert could be who actually knows what works, what doesn't and why- with decades of leading edge production innovation backing this up?
If you're looking for such a colleague with true devotion to the field and a work ethic that is uniquely heart-felt driven and world-class- your guy is Ray Hannisian.
May you be fortunate enough to have him on your team."

Christopher A. H. Philipp
New Media Director
Climate Institute Washington, DC


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