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(Archives from my "early days", 1993-2013)

Welcome to Ray Hannisian's Home Page,
specializing in Stereoscopic Slides and
3D Video.

At right, wearing the 3D video
'Helmet-cam', Ray prepares to fly over
the Mayan ruins of Palenque,
(Chiapas, Mexico).

To see the image in 3D, choose the JPEG or JPS* version.

Below, Ray wears the 'Helmet-cam' in the town square of Chichicastenango, Guatemala.

*How to view Ray3D images

Visit our portfolios of recent projects:

"Ray3D YouTube channel"

See clips from my early 3D video experiments on my new YouTube channel.

"Texas Chainsaw 3D" The Movie!

I was stereographer for this latest entry in the "Chainsaw" franchise.



"Wide Awake" Katy Perry 3D music video

I was 3D consultant to Panasonic on ths project. See behind the scenes footage from "the making of" video.




"Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D"

I was stereographer for this 3D concert film.


"The 3D @ Home Consortium "

I have recently been asked to participate on a panel of 3D specialists to help define the parameters of "good 3D"
as it applies to both theatrical releases and for the quickly evolving home entertainment center market.

Even though they spelled my name wrong, "The Caretaker 3D"
on which I was stereographer, won the "Dimmy Award" for short feature
at June 2010's "Dimension3 Expo" in Paris.


"U23D" The Movie!

Already a hit at Cannes and Sundance,
U23D opened in theaters worldwide
in January of 2008.

"3D Video LONG Samples"
(Recommended for high speed internet connections
or people with patience!)

See moving stereoscopic video samples in various formats
anaglyph (for red/blue glasses), "parallel" pairs,
"cross-view" pairs, and "interlaced" (for liquid crystal "shutter-glasses)


"Silver Star Studios"

A 3D gallery of "Treasure" and "Story" Candles
and Stained Glass "Stars" and "Jewelry Boxes"
from my wife, Susan's web-site,
"Silver Star Studios"



"Opalanga Pugh, Master Storyteller"

Part of "The Touchstone Project":
Educational content on CD-ROM


"A Tribute to New York's
World Trade Center

Images of the World Trade Center
from the video
"A Virtual Visit to New York City"

"Skiing in Aspen, Colorado"

A behind the scenes look at a year in the life
of Aspen Mountain Ski Area

Now available on video
and DVD+R , in TV or computer format!

"Auto Racing"

Road Atlanta auto racing with De Sigi Auto Sport

"Stereoscopic Environmental
Figure Studies

'3D Nudes in the Wilderness'

"Windjammer Sailing
in the Caribbean

From Grenada to Antigua, aboard the schooner "S/V Mandalay"

"Now available on video!"

"A Year on the Road"

A 3D slide and stereoscopic video gathering journey
through Mexico, Belize and Guatemala

"A Virtual Visit to New York City"

A 3D video journey through "The Big Apple"

Now available on video and DVD+R ,
in TV or computer format!

"Mountain Fair"

A Rocky Mountain tradition in Carbondale, Colorado

Now available on video
and DVD+R , in TV or computer format!

"3D Video SHORT Samples"

See moving stereoscopic images in various formats, including:
anaglyph (for red/blue glasses), "parallel" pairs, "cross-view" pairs,
and "interlaced" (for liquid crystal "shutter-glasses)


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