"The Touchstone Project"

In conjunction with the Denver Center for the Performing Arts Media Center, and Carol Bryn and Lee Stametz of Bryn Productions, Ray3D has undertaken a series of 33 stereoscopic documentaries of Colorado artists and notables. In addition to being used as broadcast media, a tour of Colorado schools will be undertaken, with projection of these documentaries. Installations will also be placed in schools, libraries and museums throughout the state.

The "pilot project" for Touchstone was an interview with Opalanga Pugh, "Master Storyteller". A resident of Denver, Colorado, Opalanga has a miniature African Village in her back yard. In this 5 minute presentation, Opalanga tells the story of how she found her profession.

Below are sample images from the program, in several 3D formats.

Available soon on CD-ROM

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Denver based Opalanga Pugh,
Master Storyteller.


African style Doll #1, made by Opalanga.


Doll #2.


Bust of Harriet Tubman

Abolishionist conductor on the underground railroad.


ANTELOPE, "Chi Wara"

"Chi Wara" is the mythical antelope that was believed to be
the first to teach the Bamana Mali people to farm.
Chi means "work" and Wara means "animal".



An Akan word, (Ghana, West Africa), that means:
"We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward;
so we understand why and how we came to be who we are today."
This symbol is seen in sculpture, fabris metal, gold, etc.,
to honor its symbolic significance.


Opalanga plays the traditional African instrument,
the "MBIRA".

It has a gourd resonator whereas its cousin
the "Kalimba" is usually on a flat board.
The English translation is "African Thumb Piano".


CD-ROM clips include 320x240 and 640x480 "anaglyph" files, for use with red/cyan glasses, (included), and 640x480 interlaced files for use with electronic "LCS" (liquid crystal shutter) computer systems glasses.

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