How to view Ray3D images

The 3D images at this site may be viewed in several ways.


By clicking on the 'thumbnail' picture itself, or the 'JPEG' option, three pictures will appear side by side.

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These pictures are for 'free-viewing', either by the 'cross-eyed' or 'parallel' method.

(Note: Parallel viewing is difficult if your screen is large.)
This format is appropriate if you wish to view the pictures in 2D as well as 3D.
My 'JPEG's are small image files, for those of you with a slow modem.


Once you have learned to use the 'cross-eyed' method, some pictures offer a larger, higher resolution version called 'Cross-view'.
Thes files are approximately full-screen, and are best for 2D viewing if you have a fast modem, (or more patience).

These files are only available in a few locations. They are intended to demonstrate the improved image quality that is available in CD-ROM applications.

Click here for a higher resolution sample of Cross-view - (180k).


'Interlaced' images may be viewed directly with "Liquid Crystal Shutter" (LCS) Glasses. For best results, set your screen resolution to 1024 x 768. Most glasses have a "stereo" and "reverse-stereo" setting. Try each, until the image looks natural.

Click here for an example of Interlaced

To order "LCS" Glasses, click here!


Another option is 'JPS'. 'JPS' images require software which can be downloaded for free. Once installed, the software gives you the choice of viewing pictures in 'cross-eyed' or 'parallel' "free-viewing" formats, or with 'red/blue' or 'red/green' "anaglyph" glasses, or with electronic "Liquid Crystal Shutter" (LCS) glasses from several manufacturers.

'JPS' images are best viewed using Depthcharge 2.5 software from VRex. (Currently compatible with PCs, not MACs.)

Click here for a sample JPS image.

If you have not installed the correct software and you select 'JPS', a 'puzzle piece' will appear.
In this case, download and install Depthcharge 2.5 and try again.

JPS Hi-Res

In two locations on my web-site, (Sailing and Figure Studies), I have included examples of high resolution 'JPS' image-pairs. They are from 133k to 331k in size, and will take some time to load.

They are intended to demonstrate the image quality which is possible when the files are retrieved from a CD-ROM. Even so, they have been compressed for Internet use. In addition, you may need to readjust your screen resolution in order to view the pictures in their entirety.

Click here for a maximum resolution JPS - (357k).

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