What is Mediartech?

Mediartech is a yearly international multimedia show dedicated to cultural heritage, the arts and performing arts. Promoted by the region of Tuscany/Italy and organized by the Tuscany Hi Tech Network. "Virtuality and Interactivity" is the "International Exhibition of Multimedia Arts and Applied Research" of Mediartech. Mr. Franz Fischnaller: Organiser and producer: FABRICATORS

Mediartech '98 took place in March 1998, Florence, Italy, on March 26- 29 1998. Visited by 25,000; (5,000 Proffesionals; 3,000 Students, 17,000 general public).

Over 114 countries for a total of 270 exhibitors, including many European Union Projects were present: Numerous cultural institutions and museums, among which the Uffizi Gallery, the NationalGalley, the Louvre, the Prado, the Museum of Modern Art were present. The institute and Museum of the History of Science of Florence presented for the first time in Europe the Lost Robot of Leonardo da Vinci.

The main events were very successfull. Among these, the multimedia art show "Virtuality & Interactivity", organized by Franz Fischnaller (F.A.B.R.I.CATORS), the festival of multimedia works directed by Maurizio Nichetti, the workshops organized by Derrick de Kerckhove, the EVA and MOU conferences dedicated to the explotation of cultural heritage through multimedia, and a calendar of shows and performances. Mediartech '98 also achived very concrete results in several important areas: close collaboration with Cinecitta, a project with the region of Gifu, Japan, Cybercinema.

The promotors of Mediartech; the high tech network of Tuscany, is composed of diverse partners which include that of Florence, Pisa and Sienna.

One of the main objectives of this network is of supporting investigation relating to high technology, promoting and applying as well as stimulating the interchange and transference of such technologies and establishing a communicational dynamic of information relating to these new technologies and the possibility of their application.

The Tuscany Technological Network, possesses an active relationship with differents cities and offices, project development and information interchange through Europe. Developing, in an active mode, a series of cooperation among business, interprises, institutions, labs, universities and official organism.

What is Virtuality & Interactivity II - Mediartech'99

"Virtuality & Interactivity II" will take place on May 22-31 1999 at the "Leopolda Station" a maginificient space of 5.000mts. in Florence, Italy.

The exhibit will explore the sensuality of the new arts and experience the breaking down of the frontiers of the traditionalism of the XX century!. We will display provocative interactive installations, unexpected digital works, cutting edge pieces and installations in the fields of art, science, culture, virtual heritage, technology..Multimedia, VR, telematic, robotics. Creatives interfaces will be used as the media. Virtuality and Interactivity is composed of 4 sections.

SECTION I Introduction to Digital Media & Virtual Reality Past, present, future

SECTION II Virtual Reality and Digital Media Installations

SECTION III Robotics and Virtual Reality

SECTION IV Digital environments

SECTION V Digital Media and Stereoscopy