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Candle Stories

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Candle Stories

The following are stories written by people who have purchased our story candles in the past.

(Items in "quotes" represent the treasures found inside the candles.)

"The Story of Mr. Hobbs"

By Colleen Guinn

One day in a small town called Townsville a very ugly little boy was born. This little boy was immediately named Mr. Hobbs.

The day school started was not a day Mr. Hobbs looked forward to like most boys and girls his age usually did. The reason he did not want to go to school was simple, his parents had abused him since the day he was born because they were desperately hoping for a girl. His parents had sort of liked him for the first few months because he was all they had. Then, the day he turned exactly four months old his mother found out that she was pregnant again and that this time it was a girl. His mother still liked him a little, but his father hated him so much that he never called him by his first name, instead he called his son "you stupid little ear of a monster." Life was not good for a boy named Mr. Hobbs.

The day Mr. Hobbs turned forty-nine he was uglier than ever, but he didn't care a single bit. A lot of people were surprised that Mr. Hobbs was nice even though he had been abused when he was a child. Mr. Hobbs now had a family that included a wife and two kids. There was only one problem with Mr. Hobbs' almost perfect life, his job. Mr. Hobbs was the owner of First Dinosaur Bank, and it was a very hard job.

One day Mr. Hobbs was walking to work when something very strange happened. He had decided to take a short cut because he was behind schedule by exactly 1.34 seconds. Mr. Hobbs was rushing even though he knew that nobody else in the bank was as on time as he was. Right when he started cutting on to 1st street something in the sky caught his eye. That something was a "star". The reason it was so amazing to see a "star" was that it was very light out and it most definitely was not night time. This particular "star" was very bright, so when he looked at it he was blinded for a second. In that very short second a quite large animal, about the size of a horse swooped down and picked Mr. Hobbs up. When Mr. Hobbs regained his eyesight he discovered that the animal carrying him was a "Pegasus". Mr. Hobbs had never before believed the legends of there being a "Pegasus" were real, but he had just been proved wrong.

The "Pegasus" took Mr. Hobbs for a ride that was nineteen minutes and thirty- six seconds long (Mr. Hobbs timed it). Finally they landed on the shore of a river not too far from Townsville. The "Pegasus" stepped on a small "rock" and a door opened in front of them. The "Pegasus" dove into the door right before it closed.

When they finally came to a huge room exactly two hundred feet below the ground the "Pegasus" jerked Mr. Hobbs off. He landed with a thud on a hard metal surface that made a very loud and annoying clang when he hit it.

Mr. Hobbs sat there for a moment then he heard footsteps and froze. Two men then entered the room, they seemed to be in some sort of an argument. The first man said, "I most definitely did not," then the second man said, "then who in the world did it" "you" replied the first man. Then the first man saw Mr. Hobbs and lightly bumped the second man, the second man looked at Mr. Hobbs and froze. "Well, I see you managed to find something for us" the first man commented to the "Pegasus" "So, what type of agent are you" questioned the second man "w-w-what do y-y-you m-m-m-mean" Mr. Hobbs finally managed to say. "You know, secret agent, federal agent, government agent, state agent "we get the point," interrupted the first man. Then, after a few minutes of silence Mr. Hobbs gathered up his courage and said, "I'm sorry but I'm afraid that I am none of those things." "A typical response, well, we know how to make you talk." "We have to wait until tomorrow's "crescent moon" though." "Why," said Mr. Hobbs timidly, but got no reply.

That night when somebody came with dinner for Mr. Hobbs he became excited, but was soon to discover that his meal was made up of dried liver, mashed pickles soaked in onion and lasagna soup, a husky hamburger and tomato juice. So Mr. Hobbs had a little tomato juice before proposing that he had finished.

The next morning at exactly 9:37:52 a shriveled old lady came to the cell where Mr. Hobbs was staying and asked him a few questions that included his least favorite one, "do you have any siblings." After the questioning Mr. Hobbs was given some time to eat breakfast which concluded of liver pancakes and more tomato juice.

Unlike the night before, Mr. Hobbs was not given any dinner, but instead was dragged outside where they tied him to a chair that was made up of scrap wood covered in porcupine quills.

Mr. Hobbs could indeed see that there was a "crescent moon" that night. It was quite unusual though because the one little "crescent moon" was as bright as the sun itself.

When Mr. Hobbs tried to ask a couple of questions he was turned down by the two men. Then they told Mr. Hobbs to be perfectly still and quiet. He did as he was told while the men put a funny looking hat on his head and then put a "strange looking coin" into a slot on the hat. Finally they pressed a button on the hat and Mr. Hobbs heard a strange noise and all of a sudden his heart started pounding faster and faster, then it stopped so suddenly that Mr. Hobbs wasn't able to breathe. One of the men took a "stone heart" from where the "coin" had been. After they took the "heart" from the hat they placed it in another machine that made the "heart" swirl around until it was see through.

All of a sudden the shorter and obviously younger of the two men started blurting out what they would do to Mr. Hobbs if he didn't talk, but was interrupted by the other man who exclaimed, "shut up, you idiot and let me do the talking."

So the taller man informed Mr. Hobbs that they could tell whether or not he was an agent by the "stone heart" (which was supposedly his own).

Then the taller man whispered something to the shorter one and the shorter one asked Mr. Hobbs what his name was and Mr. Hobbs replied, "Mr. Hobbs Barly Ifgain." The two men stared at each other for a moment and then, the next thing Mr. Hobbs knew, he was at walking to work 1.34 seconds late.



"Adventures with Acorn"

By S.C.

I found a "turtle". It was when I was traveling in Guatemala with my friend. I knew right away it was a very special turtle. I followed it around the beach. It led me to many treasures. I found a "Guatemala coin". It went immediately into my pocket because you never know when you might need a coin.

Kathy, my friend, and I traveled with Acorn, my found turtle. I named him Acorn because his back had markings that looked like acorns. He was very slow and knew exactly where he wanted to go. At night we would take out our blankets and lay on the warm sand. The "stars" and "moon" shined on us and kept us company. It was a bit lonely. I missed my mom and dad but I had Kathy, Acorn and the stars and moon.

We had a good sleep when Acorn began his traveling again early in the morning. He brought us to a rocky place where Kathy found a "crystal". It was so beautiful. It was clear and the closer we looked at it we could see things inside of it. I could see my house way back in Iowa. Kathy could see her bratty brother. This magic crystal found it's way into Kathy's pocket. Now we each had something to remind us of our enchanting trip to Guatemala. The saddest part was when we had to go home and leave Acorn behind. He didn't seem to mind. I think that he will lead many others on treasure journeys.


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